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 The BilMar Approach 
The BilMar Approach
BilMar has paved the way with innovative and advanced approaches for the removal of asbestos containing materials for years.  They have developed and utilizes a patented removal system known as the “Fiberstop™ Foam Containment System” or “The BilMar Approach”.

The BilMar Approach is covered by United States patent numbers 7,445,676 and 7,285,172.

The BilMar Approach is an EPA accepted wet removal system that has been demonstrated to consistently result in working conditions well below the PEL and EL.  BilMar can remove most asbestos containing materials without the problems or expense of sealing off areas, negative pressure containment systems, or closing down complete buildings for long periods.  The BilMar Approach makes asbestos removal less disruptive and greatly affordable.  In order to prevent the asbestos particles from getting airborne, The BilMar Approach uses foam that is distributed across all surfaces of the material ensuring that it is thoroughly and adequately wet.  During removal, asbestos and other particulates are contained by the layer of foam bubbles.

When a particulate pierces the foam bubble it collapses around the particulate.   As a result, the asbestos and particulates becomes thoroughly wetted and does not become airborne.  The layer of foam completely fills the entire space across the surface of the material being removed and contains and captures asbestos and particulates.

Perception has always been stronger than reality! Your next asbestos floor tile removal project does not have to be viewed as a toxic site cleanup in a negative pressure containment system. The BilMar removal process does require work area access restrictions and a regulated area, but not costly and intimidating work area scenes.

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